Samstag, Oktober 14, 2006


Und ich kam mir schon old-fashioned vor als ich kürzlich meinen Pentium 3 mit 500 MHz von 1999 in Rente geschickt habe: In der Universität von Iowa wurde letzthin der älteste noch in Betrieb befindliche PC gekürt:

And the winner is:
Ken Phillips, professor of music education. His Kaypro 2X is a piece of history. In the wee years of the 1980s, this early portable computer was the machine to covet. It looks like a small blue suitcase made of steel, complete with a convenient carrying handle. To use it, you rest it on a table, unhook two latches, and remove the lid to reveal a tiny monochrome monitor. The keyboard is located on the inside of the lid. No hard disk. Just a pair of 5-1/4 inch floppy drives, one for your software and one for your data. Cool.
Der Kaypro ist von 1982 ...

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